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Tailoring Course

As an art of design, cuts, fitting, fabrication, and finish on the garments, Tailoring helps obtain the perfect and final results. The term has its origin from France and seems like in the English language, but as of today, it has been adopted all around the world to get custom garments. It is a craft used on both men's and women's clothing, and this art since traditional times remains on the hierarchy like cut trade dominated by the male (women have learned the trade in recent times).

Tailoring provides proper body shapes to unshaped garments. Different fabrics are used for presenting this art in practice, and today it is one fashionable means of bringing forward some great cuts to the fabrics that are made into garments. Anyone can master their skills, by joining stitching classes in Bangalore and they can get the proper knowledge to become a master and spread their work commercially.


Tailoring Course

Topics Covered

Proper sewing tutorials are provided to the classes to make the beginners design their own clothes. These tutorials make one ensure that they can use the machine for completing the government and presenting it quite well.

Nichi Embroidery

Basic Churidar Cutting and Stitching


Ladies Tailoring Classes in Bangalore - In India, the most common outfit for women is a churidar. This attire is highly suitable for women of all ages. As they are easy to wear, they are highly popular around, and they come in a huge variety. Readymade choices are also available in the market, but there are some people who prefer to get it stitched just as per their requirement. Based on it, different churidar cutting and designing as learning is provided to the people so as to ensure that they can move on commercially faster and better.

  • Lining Churidar
  • Without Lining Churidar
  • Short Sleeve Design
  • Full Sleeve Design
  • Puff Sleeve Design
  • Canvas Neck Design
  • Neck Design with Dori
  • Normal Piping Design
  • Thread Piping Design
  • Pant Pocket Design
  • Normal Pant Cutting & Stitching
  • Pushback Pant Cutting & Stitching
  • Semi Patiala Pant Cutting & Stitching
  • Patiala Pant Cutting & Stitching
  • Zipper Neck Design

Nichi Embroidery

Additional Benefits

  • One will learn the sewing tips and tricks with usage of Handling Pedal and Powered Sewing machines.
  • Professionalism in work.
  • From beginner to advanced, every person will get an idea of complete tailoring.
  • Skills of cutting and designing for finding a career in the world.
  • Provides better care and diligence in work.
  • A proper boost is received to the sewing career.
  • Certificate helps to obtain loans from some nationalized banks to start the business.- No certificates will be provided.
  • Proper opportunities and career options.
  • Helps to have a proper measurement of the garment and the person for whom it is to be sewed.
  • Stitching the lining and understanding different aspects of pattern making and tailoring within a short span of time will be covered.

Frequently asked questions

Based upon the interest paid during the classes, one can determine whether their knowledge obtained will help them receive proper revenue through the occupation. Although we do ensure from our end that proper knowledge can be received and one can be prepared by the end of this course, start an occupation of their own.

A course of 2 months is provided at all levels.

Courses to provide ease are also offered on weekends. One can connect with us to obtain better knowledge about the same.

Every session conducted will be of 1-1.5 hours.

We do not guarantee any placement. It is completely dependent upon a person’s skill and knowledge they have obtained during the course, as to how fast they can get into the business and start to earn.

One will get experience, a reputation for their excellence, are completely affordable cost and convenient schedules that will all of better career opportunities in the upcoming future are some of the features that come along with the course.

As a professional, we do value professionalism, and this is why we make sure that our students receive the best of our help not just within the class but also when they are in a dire need. Definitely, one will be able to cover measuring and cutting the cloth correctly within the learning obtained through their classes, and in case they require any query to be cleared after the course or the session has been completed, we will make sure to provide our availability if possible.

No certificates are offered from our end. It depends on one's skills and learning, whether they can secure a job in the company/organization of their choice.

After every session, we make sure that any doubt the student has is cleared on a timely basis so that we can begin next time with a clear mind. In case you have any doubt come to us, and we will ensure it to be cleared.

The fees, as stated, are completely fixed and not negotiable. For any genuine cases, the head decides whether or not any help will be provided. Connect to know more.